Serendipity Brings Confessions of a Serial Texter

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ele82 asked: I miss very much Michelle's story. When an update of one of her stories?

Updates for Canine Cupids, Confessions and My Eyes Adored you are in the works…..

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Anonymous asked: Coast spoiler please?? It's been forever...

Spoiler: it’s being worked on :D

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Anonymous asked: do you know if ISWAP is being worked on? is there any chance you could tell peyton we are all looking forward to the next chapter? thank you!x:)

It is being worked on :)
And I’ll be more than happy to remind her AND she’s going to see this too :)

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lolo725 asked: What is the Fifi twitter?!?!

Its on the side bar 👉 @fififssweetsugar
But Ive forgotten the password lol

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Anonymous asked: Can Mida/Michelle and Peyton pleaee make a hudsonhunniea tumblr their fiffi twitter ia so on point I know if they made a tumblr off of the site it would be awesome !!!


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Anonymous asked: Has Michelle or you have watched gossip girl? Do you/does she ship chair?

I haven’t. Only a few episodes here and there. Don’t think Michelle has either

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Anonymous asked: Do you know if Canine Cupids is also being worked on? I believe Finchel was about to meet and puppy love about to commence when last we left them?

Yes :)
And yes :)

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Anonymous asked: Hey!!! Is COAST coming soon? Sorry... Just miss it A LOT. Lol

I miss it too :’(

Michelle… Is COAST coming soon?