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elphabaofneverland asked: I really have a lot of respect for Michelle. She still finds the energy and inspiration to write her fics, so I can only agree with you that we have to cut her some slack. I mean, she could also say 'hell, no, I won't write anymore because I don't have the time' and she still does, whenever she can. And I think that's very beautiful and admirable ^^ Even if she takes a year till the next chapter, I know that in the end, no one will criticize her for it (:

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Anonymous asked: For the new chapter, will it go past 6 weeks after the baby's born so FINN can have his fun? 😉

haha! clear your mind of filth! lol

We shall find out soon…

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Anonymous asked: Any clue to when the new chapter will be out??

Nope, not from me…

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Anonymous asked: Can we expect an update today? x

Only Mida knows *prayer circle*

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Anonymous asked: That fanfic is We Have To Say Good Night First by faithfullly :)

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elphabaofneverland asked: I really should re-read all of Mida's fics (again) but I just can't find the time. Damn :/ It's so hard to find Finchelfics that are of the same quality. Mida (and Peyton of course, and you ;)) is/are the best :3

Now imagine how it is to find the time to write them

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Anonymous asked: Do you know the fanfic set during college where Finn and Rachel are in bed and Finn has to leave to go home but he finds it hard to always leave her now that they're engaged and he proposes that they move in together. They then take it in turns and stay one week at Rachel's and the next at Finns etc! Been looking for this fic for ages!! I think it's only 3 chapters. desperate to read it though!!


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Anonymous asked: One thing I LOVE about 10 days is I can take a coffee break at work & go read any chapter and be completely entertained for bit!

Fun isn’t it????? Any particular chapter?