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Anonymous asked: what are the chances of seeing Santana and Rachel tease poor Finn in COAST?

Well…rumour has it, there is a bit of history between Santana and Rachel…

Pezberry will tell you all about it in good time

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Anonymous asked: With Halloween coming up is there any chance of Mida doing a one shot or chapter in fics with Halloween Finchel (I adore it). Like maybe the night of Ava's consummation in 10 days or a party in MEAY or Canines or HMWYBS COAST? Also if so is there a chance we can have Rachel drooling over Finn I feel like we always see Finn drool over Rachel's costumes (i love this too of course)so it'd be cool to see her loose it over him in like a superhero get up or something lol

Hmm…I likey that idea :D

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Anonymous asked: Will coast be updated by the end of this month?

I dunno! Don’t think even Mida knows

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Mida Mill:

News just in: Mystery package leaves a certain someone in doubt. What is really going on? Who is it from? and why packages of this nature?

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Anonymous asked: YES THE RUMOR MILL IS BACK! Is Finn FINALLY going to get his Luke? And maybe a Leia or Anakin too? Are Ava Carole and Emlo upset? OR...Did Pongo get to home plate with Charlotte before their human counterparts even got to first base. Oh dear is Cornelius going to have to share Finn with some Mini Finchel's and is Rachel going to have some splaining to do to Mike? I can't wait to find out!

Woah woah WOAH!!!

Wouldn’t we love all those scenarios :)

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Anonymous asked: Oh in the one I'm talking about she's at school. I really wanna read the one you're talking about do you know the name or author? :)

Oops! Getting my stories confused again. I meant the story where Kurt asks Rachel to work at Burt’s garage and A home from college Finn works there too.

I believe the grandma one is Learning to Fall?

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Anonymous asked: Are you talking about the one where Rachel's a receptionist at the garage and Finn's a bit older?

I think its that one. Where she comes to her grandmas for the summer.
We all love that one.

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lolo725 asked: Can you answer some questions about my period? Lol j/k I love all the sex advice...what a public service you are providing!

LOL hit us 😂
I wasn’t aware we were providing those public services until that ask 😂